Forward Tipping Dumper Hire

Forward Tipping Dumper Hire

Our fleet ranges from straight and swivel which extends to cabbed dumpers also, detailed as follows:

  • 1-ton Dumper
  • 3-ton dumper – forward tipping
  • 3-ton dumper – swivel
  • 6-ton dumper – forward tipping
  • 6-ton dumper – swivel
  • 6-ton dumper – cabbed
  • 9-ton dumper – forward
  • 9-ton dumper – swivel
  • 9-ton dumper – cabbed
  • 10-ton dumper

Standard features include:

  • Flashing orange beacons
  • Green seat belt light
  • Lights for legal use on roads
  • Four Wheel Drive and Power Steering
  • Hydraulically Operated Skips
  • Ignition key start and Towing Eyes
  • Folding ROPS frame to meet European Legislation

If you’re interested in hiring a forward tipping dumper please contact us today.

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