Roller Hire

Roller Hire

Our Roller Hire offers excellent compact design and manoeuvrability which makes the performance versatile for a range of environments and surfaces. This extends from rolling sub-base, rolling asphalt to nay patch repair work required on roads, building sites or Highways.

  • Trench Rollers
  • 80 Rollers
  • 120 rollers
  • 130 Rollers
  • 140 Rollers
  • 10-ton Rollers
  • 15-ton Rollers
  • Sheep foot Rollers

Standard features include:

  • Orange flashing beacons
  • Green seat belt lights
  • Large diesel and water tanks (longer working)
  • Automatic vibration control and superb stability

If you’re interested in hiring a roller please contact us today.

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